Friday, January 28, 2011

Meeting of Minds

I have been fortunate to meet many people at Cambridge. Besides discussing with professors, fellow Cantabrigians at formal halls, listening to presenters and sipping elderflower cordial (my current favourite drink) at pre/post-seminar drinks, I also got the chance to take snapshots of them (and with them). To name a few: Nik Nazmi (Malaysian politician), Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe, Newnham alum and biographer Claire Tomalin and St John's lawyer-turned-author and my crush (years ago) Karim Raslan!

Stephen Hawking, will you pls 'pigeonhole' (the old Cambridge term for 'email') your response? I'd love to meet you and discuss about the stars and the universe.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Seeker's Prayer

Don't let me
wander from
Your love,

Don't let me
leave Your

And if I lose

Let me find
myself with

~ Yunus Emre


New year. New dreams. New plans. New surprises.

I spent a lovely X'mas vacation with family and friends in Paris & Andrezieux-Boutheon. Alas the flu bug reached me, bed-ridden sans voix, very ill and of course lost some weight in the process. And while resting in bed, I reflected on 2010 and all the eventful happenings. Some plans went on as planned, some plans didn't materialise, some plans got deviated, other plans came about...

As per the words of Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, "It's a plan. Is it perfect? What plan is?"