Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moi in Manja

Grab a copy of Manja magazine, August issue!
I'm featured in "Raikan lembaran baru' (Celebrate a new chapter) article - page 42

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Celebrations @ Darul Ma'wa

I thought I would have a quiet birthday this year. Lo and behold, Fauziah Hanim invited me to celebrate my birthday with the children of Darul Ma'wa! Darul Ma'wa is a Children's Home for orphans and children from disadvantaged families of various race and religion.

I'm so excited! I've ordered cupcakes from Kak Su of Lydia's Oven and I've prepared little favours for the children as well as gifts for the top 10 male and female students who excelled in their exams. I will be having a book reading and will give the home 2 books: my Gedung Kuning book and The Phantom Tollbooth.
What great fun it will be!

Friday, July 02, 2010

A Minah in Cambridge

Gwen, my former colleague and internationally-acclaimed designer (yes she is to us!) made this pencil holder-cum-coaster for me (her farewell gift). Aww... This can be the cover of my next book "A Minah in Cambridge" :)

Where in the world is the Gedung Kuning Book? - Part 2

The book has travelled to the Land of the Midnight Sun!
Magnus Harsem bought the book online from Norway.

His posting on 'Gedung Kuning Book @ Facebook': Hi to all... and greetings from the Land of the Midnight Sun. I loved Hidayah's book... all the short stories were recounted with love and a vivid memory and I am sure lots of interviews with loved ones.. I have been asked which was my fav. story.. and well it is a tough question, as they all convey to me an image, a story of a family spawning ...a few generations, they all add up the whole...a dynasty... I want to visit Gedung Kuning and ask if i may and if in season - share a mango with a friend, under the mango tree. Keep writing Hidayah and keep your reading fans... happy la.. ;-) warm regards from Norway