Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wahidah got engaged!

My cousin Wahidah got engaged recently! Congratulations! We're so happy for you! Here's Patrick Friori singing "Plus, je pense a toi" for you and Shah.

Ahh, I can hear the distant whisperings of aunts, relatives and friends, "Cik Idah, when...?" 
All in good time, n'est pas? :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Of Rock songs & Rockstars

Nani Reeves visits us from Hong Kong! She looks even prettier with her long flowy hair. Nani, how we've missed you! I also met Imad (whom I’ve not seen in 9 years) at dinner and durian session @ Geylang. But the highlight of the evening got to be listening to classic 80s Malay rock songs in Imad’s car (the sweet Masturah). Ahh, they don’t make rock songs like those anymore…

Which brings us to the topic of women's fascination for wild rockers. Be it American rockers or Malay rockers with their wild unkempt hair, unshaven armpits, tattoos and tight pants; they all make the ladies go wild. So it must be the talent right? Or is it the popularity or money? Hmm....

Even senior legal counsel Imad commented that he wants to learn to play a musical instrument in his next life and be a singer/rocker who gets all the ladies! As per Nickelback "I wanna be a Rockstar!"

I did have crushes on rock stars like Bon Jovi, Rahim Maarof but it never reached the groupie level and I never hung their posters on my walls. Yes, some of the rock songs are rather "soulful" like Awie's Sejati... But seriously, I can't imagine the proverbial "Mats takde CPF" making promises under that frangipani tree! What do the Minahs see in the likes of Awie? I just don't understand it... Then again, some highly educated Mats with lots of CPF do make promises as high as the Himalaya, only to leave their gullible ladies "masih menggenggam janji" so "tinggal kenangan, gagal segala impian"... Les pauvrents!